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A Beginner's Guide to Golden Showers and Piss Play Fetishes ...

Golden showers are one form of piss play, which is exactly what it sounds like: sexual play involving piss.

Golden Showers 101: Everything You Wanted to Know About Pee Play

Golden showers, water sports, or piss play, whatever you call it, urophilia has recently had a resurgence in mainstream interest, following some unsavoury and as yet unproven leaks about a pre ...

Why People Like Getting Peed On - Vice

He's talking about urophilia, otherwise known as piss play or—in the words of an unsubstantiated report that's gotten some ink recently—golden showers.

Pee Play | Squat the Planet

So. I've been dating this guy for about 2 weeks, and he confessed that he's really into piss play/ pee play/ golden showers/ whatever. I know it's sterile, it's not gonna hurt me, etc. and I like him a lot, so has anybody tried this? I just want to know why people get into this kind of thing...

Fun at the Folsom Street Fair! – Yellow and Black

Keep the piss in the pool and off the street. We discourage body contact during piss play (i.e. no “sex”, please). No shit. Have fun! Climbing in or pissing is free, of course! Folks taking pictures or video are encouraged to donate, just to offset our costs. Thanks! Dore and Folsom 2019

Sex Q&A: Can I Pee Inside My Wife?

Urine play during sex (also referred to as watersports, golden showers, or urolagnia) is generally safe when you’re peeing ON somebody.

18 Kinky AF Things People Have Actually Done During Sex

One of my biggest kinks is piss play and humiliation. My fondest memory was having 22+ men pee on me while I was wearing a cone of shame. After being peed on, my Master forced me to sit in the pee ...

11 Common Sexual Fetishes Explained - List of Popular Kinks ...

Psychological play involves implementing a sexual power exchange: Humiliation play, for example, might involve a submissive partner getting off on being called names.

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r/Pee: Reddit's biggest community for all pee-related pictures, gifs, and videos!

15 Real Sex Toys That Will Give You Nightmares | Cracked.com

10 Humiliator Gag System. Gags are pretty standard fare as far as sex toys go, but this one gets a nod for thorough insanity. The Humiliator gag system features a number of attachments, including a serving tray, a feather duster, an ash tray, a toilet paper dispenser, a coat hook and, of course, a toilet brush.